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Communication & Interpersonal Skills

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Effective communication skill is much more than mere command over the language. Effective communicators understands how, what and when to communicate to be most impactful. 


High Level Description:

Organizations want to hire people who can effectively communicate with customers, internal stakeholders, and project teams – virtually every facet of the organization.

The workshop will help participants to learn and practice communication & Interpersonal skills. The session will cover following topics: the importance of communication skills; how to develop persuasive speech including the 7 Cs of communication; developing compelling value propositions and positioning them effectively; Assertiveness; Collaboration – break down silos and agree on common solutions. 

A very important success factor for any organization is the collective peace of mind. A mind which is devoid of frustration, insecurity and constant fluctuation. A mind which fosters creativity and effectiveness, even in times of turbulence.

Learning Outcome:

Participants at the end of the training program will be able to:

  • Plan their communication strategy depending on situation

  • Improve effectiveness of the communication depending on the receiver’s reaction

  • Understand individual barriers in terms of approachability

  • Understand communication style matrix/personality styles and characteristics of each communication style

  • Handle difficult conversations with more confidence

Impactful Presentation


In today’s highly competitive world, it is not enough to be good at one’s work. In order to stand out from the thousands, a person needs to make himself or herself visible in the organization. The most effective way of creating visibility and impact is through making impactful presentations. 


Making presentations in various forms such as using PowerPoint in a formal meeting; face to face interactions or discussions in an audio video conference are an integral part of human interactions in the corporate world.

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Impactful presentation module is about preparing participants for presenting themselves in an impactful manner in any formal or informal setting. It also equips them with corporate presentation skills so that they make a very good first impression on the job (As they say “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”).

In this session, we explore ways of making a presentation more powerful and compelling. We look into the art of public speaking and storytelling. The session also provides for live practice and feedback sessions. 


Participants at the end of the training program will be able to:

  • Prepare an audience-friendly and meaningful presentation

  • Display the right body language while presenting

  • Effectively use their voice and stage for high impact

  • Leverage technology to enhance the audience experience

  • Learn how to connect with audience

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