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A Holistic Approach,

We at Inroads believe that in today’s environment, the tangible skills (mostly cognitive) are necessary but not sufficient for effective leadership. They need to be well supported by intangibles which start with the Inner Self and encompasses other powerful non-cognitive skills.


We have programs and solutions around these three areas:

Inner Self - Leadership starts with the Inner Self. A Leader needs to be a role model in leading self by being calm, happy, healthy and energized. At an organizational level, it translates to a culture of Mindfulness and high Organizational Energy

Non-Cognitive – Emotionally and Behaviourally, a leader is expected to work with others on Non-Cognitive but much needed aspects such as Mind-set, Attitude, Values and Trust. Organisationally, it fosters a culture of collaboration and open communication and high Emotional Intelligence helps navigate change and conflict successfully.  

Cognitive - Leadership involves cognitive aspects such as Decision-making and Problem-solving driven by Functional needs. Some specific areas of focus include Data Visualization, Design Thinking and Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) for creativity and Innovation.


Our programs go beyond stand-alone workshops - they are designed to provide a comprehensive solution which could involve pre-work, assessments, necessary interventions/ learning introduced through multiple workshops, post workshop hand-holding/ team coaching and measurements/ reporting to measure the learning & effectiveness of solution provided.

Our workshops provide experiential learning though effective use of storytelling, using our real life examples, role plays, videos etc. to make them high-impact & learn while having fun. Along with high impact, they are also high on energy which appeals to the emotions, inspires and transforms. 

We also provide customized programs and solutions based on organization needs and challenges.

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