All experienced professionals, both men and women, need time to pause and take stock of themselves and their careers. Women too face challenges inherent in the role or level in the organization – just as men do.

For women, the leadership conversation is tied to context:

 •        What is it like to be women leader?

•        What do I believe about myself?

•        What holds me back as a woman leader?

•        How do I create Impact with others?

•        How do I connect and build relationship with others?

•        How do I keep myself and my team energized?

Research shows women also seek better ways to Integrate multiple life roles & goals, align daily actions with values and beliefs, look at means to gain valued connections and networks, seek ways to act assertively and confidently and understand how they are perceived by others.

Why an exclusive program for Women in India

  • For women, the conversation is also tied to context – what is it like to be women leader.

  • Learn how to Integrate multiple life roles and goals

  • Address challenges faced by Indian women working in global organisations

  • Explore understanding of self and their leadership identity, strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn from Women who are making it work

  • Gain valued connections, relationships and networks with other professional women

  • Understand how they are perceived and why

  • Navigate and manage unconscious biases within the Indian cultural context

Women Leadership Programs

Engage, Empower, Inspire, Integrate

Unique interventions and programs to support & enable women:


Self-Discovery Assessment

Self Discovery Assessment is self awareness assessment to identify self and environment - mindset, challenges, leadership skills, biases and culture.

Foundation Program

Foundation Program equips professionals with six transformational pillars –Lead self, Climb (Mindset, Biases), Impact, Connect, Energise and Sustain.

Women Leading from Within

WLFW -a signature 5-day leadership program interspersed with 1:1 coaching sessions with participants to further integrate the learnings from the program.

Accelerating Performance

The Accelerating Performance Program equips women with relevant tools and skills to become more client-centric leaders and effective managers of people and business.


Return Ship Program

Return ship Program For women restarting their career, the program helps in transformational journey, to change and enable them to seamlessly integrate in the organisation.

Network and Success forums

The forums provide an opportunity to network through webcast, face to face interactions and guest lectures, providing opportunity to network and share personal experiences.

Six Pillars of Transformation

Six Pillars.png

Benefits for Participants

•        Define personal vision of career success

•        Leverage the Toolkit for essential skills, continuous success/momentum

•        Gain Confidence to take bigger steps

•        Build a supportive network and relationships

•        Create a Roadmap/plan of action to accomplish their goal

•        Find balance – integrating different roles and goals

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