Transforming Tomorrow's Leaders

Leadership Program for Managers


In today’s world, organizations are faced with specific challenges and needs to groom junior to mid level people with leadership skills that will enable them to overcome the challenges. It needs to create the right mindset for people to be effective leaders. Inroads believes the critical skills needed to groom tomorrow’s leaders based on industry best practices and experience are as follows: 

Required Skills.png

Are you facing these challenges?

If you are facing some or all of these challenges, then this course is a good fit for you.

  • There is a propensity to move to action before thought

  • Expectation of ‘Feed’ Learning as opposed to Absorbed Learning

  • Lack of ‘Take Charge’ qualities which include Queries, Questions and Suggestions

  • Transaction Approach instead of Coaching approach

Objective of the Program:

  • Groom next generation leaders through multidimensional approach

  • Create the right Mindset for people to be effective leaders

  • Create an effective Playing Zone for people in middle management

Program Design

Inroads will design programs based on specific customer needs. Below is a sample design which was implemented for an IT company:

 Part 1: Intervention spread around 2 to 4 months

•        Total of 8 days of workshop intervention

•        Supported by Individual Assignment, Presentation and Panel Discussion

•        2 (1:1) coaching sessions (complimentary) with each participant to further integrate the learnings from the program

•        Additional outcomes planned

•        Pre-Workshop – Pre-assessment for each individual participant with debrief to understand individual personal style

•        Post-Workshop

•        One Page individual personal profile to be shared with each individual participant and Program Manager

•        30 - 60 -90 day assessment/plan

Part 2:  Support and Intervention for an additional 4 months

•        Inroads proposes support and  intervention to participants to ensure sustenance of applying the learnings at the workplace

•        2 Group Coaching and Mentoring per month for 4 months

•        1-1 face to face Coaching and Mentoring available to individual participants for 2 days in a month

•        Offline: Go to Coach & Mentor for a duration of 4 months. Facilitators will be available through email, call and WhatsApp

Course Content:

Below is a sample course content spanning 8 days which was delivered for an IT organization:

•        Wellness (Rested Mind & Energy Enhancement) – 0.5

•        High Performance Mindset –  1

•        Strategic thinking -  0.5

•        Impactful Communication and presentation – 2

•        Stakeholder Management, Influencing & Building Relationship – 1.5

•        Delegation, Conflict Management – 1

•        Problem solving and Decision Making – 1

•        Creative Thinking and Innovation –  0.5

 number indicates training days