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What our customers have to say

My heartfelt thanks to Inroads for an excellent 4-day session on Problem Solving, Decision Making, Data Visualization and Presentation! Suman & Veena spent substantial time to better understand the domain and customised the curriculum for Adobe, including case studies specific to the company’s needs. This helped attendees identify with the scenarios and quickly put the learnings into practice.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and had fun while learning as was evident from the high energy levels displayed throughout the programme. Later, they engaged with our participants on a 1:1 basis, and provided additional inputs for coaching and mentoring.

Unlike many other training interventions that operate on a ‘lecture’ mode, this personal connect reflects the care and commitment of Inroads towards their clients. Overall, this was an engaging and professionally enriching experience for the Adobe team and I would highly recommend Inroads as a training and talent development partner of choice.
— Praveer Joshi, Director, AGS, Adobe

“Amazing energy levels, passionately debating and huge participation. Thank you.”
— Umakant Sista, Director, Consulting, Adobe

“Let me thank you for a very relevant but simply articulated session. We could not have asked for a better launch of the learning community. Look forward to another session once this learning community matures”
— Puneet Bhirani, Chief People and Administrative Officer, Mphasis

“Inroads Leadership worked with us to understand the current organizational dynamics specifically in the context of transformation for key senior team members in India and US. Based on these discussions, they designed this training session...

The session was very well received and participants gave a very positive feedback and we look forward to the next session with our US leadership team”
— Pankaj Rai, Business Analytics Director, Dell

“I think the session was timely and insightful. I hope the team enjoyed the introspection and begin to apply the lessons…small steps and positive reinforcement would go a long way. Let me know your thoughts on a monthly “theme” to reinforce the concepts and help our team members begin the journey to convert these behaviors into habit”
— Doug Hillary, Vice President, Dell

“The sessions (High Performance Leadership - 2 days of classroom training followed by 3 sessions over tele calls for ongoing Coaching and hand holding) were very well received and the participants gave a very positive feedback”
— Vijay Shrivastava, Director, TSYS International

“… It was indeed a great experience personally for me. Students gave a very positive feedback and looking forward to have more such workshops. A lot of learning for all of us with this initiative…”
— S. Barai, PhD. Chairman, Career Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur

“Thank you for the engaging and invigorating session yesterday. We have received great verbal feedback”

Scores received - Relevance 4.9, Clarity 4.8, Overall 4.7
— Manoj D, People & Organization Partner, Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

“Thank you for your interesting and highly motivating talks. The Workshop was just splendid. The students are very excited and looking forward to the next.”
— Dr. Sangeeta Sahney, Associate Professor, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur

...You are an excellent coach who always stimulate people to think and derive solution for their jigsaws themselves, thus instilling confidence in them.

Tips given by you during various phases of this entire journey have been very helpful and crucial in me achieving positive results...”
— Ritu Kalra, Coachee