Emotional Intelligence 

EQ accounts for 80% of your success in life

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The Book “From Command To Empathy”, authored by Suman Ghose of Inroads Leadership is published by Harper Collins and has received rave reviews and was on Amazon Best Reads List in April 2018

•        What is the connection between empathy and leadership?

•        How does emotional enablement help to meet business goals?

•        Can an empathetic approach to management improve employee productivity amidst increased stress levels, competitiveness and longer working hours?

•        Does the onus of creating an emotionally mature culture lie only with top management?

The Book addresses these and other important questions, centered on what matters the most – The Human Dimension

Workshop Format

•        The workshop formats are half-day, 1-day and 2-day depending on width and depth of topics covered

•        Essentially, they cover three broad areas:

•        Emotional Intelligence – The What and Why

•        Self Mastery - Self-awareness & Self-Regulation

•        Social Competence – Empathy & Relationship Building

Benefits of the program

·        Manage difficult situations successfully

·        Improve quality of Decision Making

·        Inculcate Mindfulness & Meditation in daily lives

·        Build Empathy skills to create deeper relationships

·        Continue working calmly even under pressure

·        Be a better listener

Core Topics

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