Organizational Culture 

Why is it important?


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker; Culture plays a huge role in organizational performance as it decides the way employees interact at the workplace.

What we do

a. Build awareness of what is meant by Organizational Culture

b. Arrive at current and aspiration states of Organizational Culture

c. Internalize and percolate the Culture within the Organization

How we do it

a. We uncover components of Org Culture using the Iceberg Model

b. We determine key aspects of Culture using a bottom-up approach

c. We Identify top behaviours that will take the org to the next level

d. We drive interventions to instill and reinforce the top behaviours

Benefits of the program

a. Appreciation of the criticality of culture

- ‘how’ of culture vs. ‘what’ of strategy

b. Drives consistent behaviour within the organization

- creates a common vocabulary

c. Enhances Organizational Effectiveness

- enable better teamwork and focus on results

Participant Feedback

"About Culture of the Organization – it’s a revelation” “The Iceberg session was explained very well”

“Plain and simple presentation – easy to understand” “Importance of EQ in Corporate Culture”

Using Stories to reinforce Culture

The Problem Statement

The Organization has a framework for Values and Behaviours but the messages are not well understood and/or not percolated down well to lower levels in the organization.

Brochure - Org Culture_pic1.jpg

The Solution

Inroads interviews a wide cross-section of employees where they have demonstrated organization values and behaviours. These best practices are captured as stories which inspire employees in the organization to emulate and/or look up to.


The Organization is equipped with a catalogue of stories (1 page per story) which are unique to the organization. These stories are also developed as short videos and shared with employees.