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Who should attend this program?

Any individual, manager or leader who wants to create competitive advantage by elevating themselves from being tactical to strategic. This program will empower you to step back and look at the big picture, so that you can lead your personal and professional life more effectively.


We all lead busy lives. We are busy getting stuff done with our heads down. Whether in our professional or personal lives, we forget to look up or take time to reflect on how things are. Details which are in front of us are important, but it’s easy to get bogged down in a mass of actions. If your life feels like a constant treadmill and never really getting anywhere – then you might find it hard to think of anything beyond the present moment. Chances are, you often spend too much time “DOING”, and not enough time “THINKING”. 

Knowing where we are going and how to get there is strategy.  The first obstacle most of us face in making this transition is to  how to stop the action. But focusing and thinking about the big picture is not as simple as blocking out time and turning off our devices. It is about managing our attention, it needs “mind-shifting” and strengthening our strategic thinking muscles so that it becomes part of our habit. This transition, while it’s hard, can be immensely liberating as it helps us on the journey to leading more fulfilling lives.

Benefits of attending the program

  • Understand the magic of big picture thinking - the what and why
  • Learn simple techniques to move from transactional to big picture thinking
  • Move from Mindlessness to Mindfulness and make it part of your habit
  • Help you to draw a big picture for yourself

Date & Venue

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

9.30 am - 5.00 pm

Hotel Novotel Techpark, Bangalore


Workshop Fee: Rs. 6000 + GST per delegate (includes lunch and snacks)

10% group discount for three or more delegates from the same organization


To register: Call +91 98805 66815, +91 98450 18207; Mail: info@inroads.co.in

Or you could download the registration form (link below) and mail it to info@inroads.co.in

Last date of Registration: 22nd March 2018