What makes us human


As we were growing up, somewhere along the way, we learnt to keep our emotions in check. We learnt to be rational and practical. Emotions were not seen as helping the rational brain but rather interfering with it. If on that rare occasion you got emotional at work, you were told by your boss and peers “Don’t be emotional”, “Think logically”. No wonder emotions got a raw deal.

But whether we like it or not, we humans are driven by our emotions. In fact, that’s what makes us human and not robots. Research in Neuroscience is uncovering how emotions play a significant role in how we behave, interact and take decisions. This could explain why the last time you went to buy a phone - you invested a lot of time researching online the latest Android phone for features and price, only to end up buying an iPhone! Baba Shiv, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business school puts it aptly – “What it’s good at (the rational brain) is to rationalize what the emotional brain has already decided”.

Well, does that mean the next time you are angry with someone, you lash out because that’s the emotion you feel? Definitely not! What this situation demands is Emotional Intelligence in the form of higher Self-Regulation.

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