Merit in EQ


The present education system was based on the needs of the Industrial Revolution. The world has changed tremendously moving into the Information Age and then into the Creative Economy. But changes in the education system move at a glacial pace. I would go to the extent of saying that it is totally broken.

At the undergrad level, the problem starts with how colleges recruit candidates. While it is supposed to be based on ‘merit’, that word has come to mean only academics, narrowly defined as marks and grades. It eliminates other promising candidates who may have high creativity, grit, determination, positivity and provide service to society.

The good news is that there may be changes coming soon. According to a recent study in the US, “…handful of colleges are planning experiments using alternative ways to measure student potential. One hopes to enable applicants to demonstrate their “emotional intelligence,” or E.Q., to showcase their ability to work with others…”. Read more about it in this New York Times article -

So happy to see EQ finally making its way into the education realm…