Educating the Heart


This morning, I was at my daughter’s school and noticed written in big letters in the reception area – “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. While I liked the quote, I did not quite grasp it fully. Isn’t all our education especially in our schools all to do with our head? It’s about facts of science, history etc. and being able to answer the questions in the question paper. Where is the place of the heart in all this?

I promptly googled it once I was home. Various interpretations exist for this quote from Aristotle.

Educating the heart entails an understanding of the meaning and use of the knowledge gained through educating the mind. It requires grasping a wide array of knowledge and the subtle ways they are connected.

It can also be interpreted that the cognitive part of education is as important as the affective (or emotional) part of education. The cognitive domain, as we all know, is more about reasoning, knowledge, analytical and tangible. The affective domain is intangible, unmeasurable and intuitive. It deals with meaning and values. 

In other words, it is the balance of IQ and EQ. While EQ as a concept has emerged only in recent times, Aristotle was giving us that message over 2000 years ago!

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