Vacation Time

Vacation time is around the corner as the exam season is on the verge of getting over. For adults, going back to the memory lanes of vacations is like reliving those (two) months full of joy, freedom and friends. For students, it is like a dream come true.

Question is, “What is a vacation all about?” Of course it is about relaxing, it is about friends and it is about doing what you like and in a nutshell having a lot of fun. But when we talk of fun, what comes to mind is a river. We all know that a river has water which is so precious for our living. We need water for us, for our animals for our farms and agriculture.  When this water goes beyond the two sides of a river, it is called flood. In the form of the flood, the same water becomes detrimental and cause of destruction for human beings, animals and agriculture.

We all know that having fun is important and there is no life without enjoying ourselves. In fact, just like a river without water, our life without fun also be very dry and dead.  However, it is extremely important that the fun is also governed within two sides - (a) creation and (b) values. On one hand, there is an element of creation, construction and progression whereas on the other it needs to be guided by the value system, ethics and positivity.

Any fun which is built on the scaffolding of creation and values will be full of life and be the cause of long lasting joy and success. The moment it goes beyond any of these two sides, just like flood water, it becomes a cause of destruction, sorrow and failure; more often than not, the impacted one is not just the self but others as well.

So when one looks ahead and thinks of all the great plans for the upcoming vacation, it will be of great help, if one thinks of “how can I have a lot of fun so that not only I enjoy myself to the fullest, but also build a strong platform or a springboard for the next leg of my career and life?”.

Vacation can also be seen like the period between two crops; a period when one harvest is done and the next crop is yet to be initiated. The farmer uses this period to prepare for the next crop and he does so by getting rid of the weeds and unwanted elements. Some farmers also grow something called Catch crop or cover crop to retain the nutrients in the root zone and to protect the soil against erosion and minimise the risk of surface runoff.

So, building on all that is discussed above, the questions one can ask oneself are,

·         What kind of guiding rails will I observe while having fun?

·         What can I do in the upcoming vacation so that it leaves me more productive, more creative and more geared up for a great success ahead?