Success and the next generation

Velocity is a function of acceleration and time.

Represented as: v = v0 + at

v0 = initial velocity, v = final velocity, a = acceleration and t = time

Just like this, there are so many equations in Physics and Maths. Once it popped up in my mind, what if we write the equation of “Success”. What if we were to define success as a function of some variables? Initially, for few seconds, I thought there will be 5 to 8 variables and keeping this thought aside I started putting down all the variables that came to my mind. End of it, when I looked at the list of such variables I was myself surprised. The list consisted of the following:

1.       Hardwork

2.       Integrity

3.       Dedication

4.       Values

5.       Sincerity

6.       Qualification

7.       Communication

8.       +ve attitude

9.       Self confidence

10.   Self esteem

11.   Good Health

12.   Happiness

13.   Rested Mind

14.   Ability to handle failure

15.   Clarity of Goals

16.   Ability to perform in adversities

17.   Decision making

18.   Self-dependency

19.   Learning attitude

20.   Valuing others

21.   Creativity

22.   High energy

23.   Ability to apply brakes (strategic disengagement)

24.   Decision making

Each one of us are free to define success for us and the role of above-mentioned variables depends a lot on how we define success. Also, not all the variables are a must, e.g. there are examples of successful people who are (were) not very well qualified. But, more or less, any success will be meaningless if it does not germinate from the seeds of happiness, good health, positive attitude, etc. etc.

Having said that, if we look around we see that for our next generation, a lot of emphasis is being given on marks, degree, and qualification. Question is – can one be successful just based on a qualification without having other attributes (as listed above)?

In any agriculture farm, there are two broad building blocks (1) Land and (2) crop. Land is mainly a function of type of soil and Crop is a function of type of seed. The type of crop is nothing but the career one chooses and as we see there is a lot of focus on that.  Two important points which need to be considered as well are

(a)    Why don’t we make the soil so fertile that regardless of what seeds are planted the yield is great? Let the depth of the soil be such that the roots go deep and hold the plant for long enabling the plant to reach its peak. The attributes above (most of them) directly contribute to the quality of soil and go a long way in giving a “meaningful” success.

(b)   Regardless of the type of soil, quality of seed and conducive environment in terms of sunlight, air, water and fertilizer, the yield cannot be great if the farmer does not know how to protect the crop from weeds, pests and other such miscreants. Is our next generation well equipped to protect them from the negativity around us? Are they trained on safeguarding them and remained focused or are they trained and conditioned to think only of marks and qualification, completely ignoring the other attributes?

It is high time we think on this and act.