Signature Programs

Transforming Tomorrow's Leaders

Leadership Program for Managers

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Innovation & Design Thinking

Unleash your creativity and innovation

Women Leadership

Engage, Empower, Inspire, Integrate

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Executive Presence

Gravitas, Communication, Appearance

Stakeholder Management

Manage Stakeholders' expectations and objectives

Manager's Toolkit

Practical Guide, tools to Managing people at work

Modular Programs


Inner Self

Leadership starts with the Inner Self. A Leader needs to be a role model in leading self by being calm, happy, healthy and energized. At an organizational level, it translates to a culture of Mindfulness and high Organizational Energy. 


Inner Self Programs:

Rested Mind

The Power of Full Engagement - Manage Energy, not Time

Happiness @Work

High Performance Mindset  Power of Trust  Human Dimension of Change  Conflict Resolution  Communication  Business Communication  Interpersonal Skills  Impactful Presentation  EQ - Social Competence

Non-Cognitive (Communication)

In today’s competitive world, communication skills in business are the most sought after quality of an effective leader. Communication is the heart of every organisation. Everything we do at work results from communication.


Non-Cognitive (Communication) Programs: 

Business/ Corporate Communication

Interpersonal Skills

Impactful Presentation

Emotional Intelligence – Social Competence


Non-Cognitive (Other)

Emotionally and Behaviourally, a leader is expected to work with others on Non-Cognitive but much needed aspects such as Mind-set, Attitude, Values and Trust. Organisationally, it fosters a culture of collaboration, trust and open communication.  

Non-Cognitive (Other) programs:

High Performance Mindset

Power of Trust

Human Dimension of Change

Conflict Resolution


Strategic Thinking/Understanding the Big Picture

Listening with Empathy


Leadership involves cognitive aspects such as Decision-making and Problem-solving driven by Functional needs. Specific areas of focus include Data Visualization, Design Thinking and Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) for creativity and Innovation.


Cognitive Programs:


Problem Solving

Decision Making in an uncertain world

Data Visualization

Innovation – Systematic Inventive Thinking

Innovation – Design Thinking