Transforming Tomorrow's Leaders


Transforming Tomorrow's leaders is a comprehensive 6-day program that Inroads conducts for junior to middle management who are poised for growth to leadership roles. True to Inroads' philosophy, it encompasses Inner Self, Cognitive and Non-cognitive skills for a holistic development. 

Are you facing these challenges?

If you are facing some or all of these challenges, then this course is a good fit for you.

  • There is a propensity to move to action before thought
  • Expectation of ‘Feed’ Learning as opposed to Absorbed Learning
  • Lack of ‘Take Charge’ qualities which include Queries, Questions and Suggestions
  • Transaction Approach instead of Coaching approach

Objective of the Program:

  • Groom next generation leaders through multidimensional approach
  • Create the right Mindset for people to be effective leaders
  • Create an effective Playing Zone for people with 4 to 8 years of corporate experience

Course Content:

Total of 6 days of intervention or 12 half-day interventions, supported by post workshop coaching. The interventions shall be delivered 2 days per month supported by post workshop coaching for 2 weeks.

Modules to be covered:

  • Problem solving and Decision Making – 1 day
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation – 1 day
  • Communication and interpersonal skills – 1 day
  • High Performance Mindset – 2 days
  • Wellness – 1 day (Rested Mind & Energy Enhancement)